Little sip ipa




We were hired by Lawson's Finest Liquids to create a video that highlighted their new beer, "Little Sip." This was a chance to showcase their latest product while providing some background information on the company's story and founder, Sean Lawson. Our goal was to show that this is real beer made by real people who are passionate about the brewing process.


For this project, we wanted viewers to feel like they were in the room with Sean as he developed Little Sip. This was accomplished by combining interview audio with tight, intimate shots of Sean throughout the brewing process. We also lit each scene in a way that allowed the background to fall away, adding to the sense of closeness and familiarity. 


We provided the client with this final cut as well as a 60 second version. Both versions were shared across a variety of digital platforms throughout Lawson's nine-state distribution area ahead of the release of Little Sip.