us open:

lead up




Ahead of the Clif Slopestyle US Open, Clif hired Three Peaks Media to create a pair of videos to drum up excitement for the competition and provide context to the significance of the event within the broader mountain bike scene. Naturally, we looked into the sport's past at Highland Mountain and to the future to see where things will go next.


For these short films, we combined archival footage with our own shots gathered on location to bring the past, present, and future together. Three Peaks worked in tandem with the client to develop the concepts for both videos then executed the on-location shooting, coordinated the collection of archival footage, and handled all post-production work.


The final assets consisted of the two videos shown above, as well as 60 second versions of each piece for sharing on social media. The  client then shared these assets with other organizations involved with the event to maximize exposure across a number of digital platforms.